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Whole Yard Services is your professional Brisbane based garden, home and landscaping specialist.

We cater to the residential, commercial and industrial markets, offering quality work to our clients, based on their desire. 

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Whether you are after a complete backyard makeover, or just a bit of a clean-up and some general maintenance, then you can’t go past Brisbane’s Whole Yard Services. With many years of accumulated experience, the professional Whole Yard Services team has everything in the yard covered.

Gardening including pruning, hedging, mulching, yard cleanups and presale makeovers. Landscaping, Pressure Cleaning, Turf Laying, Fencing, Paving, Decking and Retaining walls are some of the services we offer.

Current Operations - Workplace Update - 17th March 2020

Just an update from us here at Whole Yard Services in relation to the current risks of Covid-19 and our protocols in place to deal with these. 

We want to let our client base know we will still be operating over the coming weeks and into the foreseeable future. If anything was to change all clients, suppliers, and employees will be notified immediately. However, we are operating regular services and implementing additional safety controls above recommendations. 

We are taking a proactive based approach to maintain a safe workplace environment for both employees and customers. We currently have no known risks or symptoms within our business. We have discussed with employees  their exposure and the steps required if anything was to occur. We are also actively discussing measures they can take to reduce exposure or contact with any clients or suppliers. 

Employees will be implementing social distancing, which involves avoiding direct human contact (hand shakes, etc), and will maintain a high rate of  hygiene-safe practices over the coming months to reduce the risks. We also require employees to partake in hand washing between every client visit and between sites with enclosed gloves a standard fixture of our PPE. 

Staff have been asked to notify us immediately if the show symptoms or if they come into contact with someone who has or shows symptoms of Covid-19. If required, staff will self quarantine as per the government guidelines. We also ask that if any clients show symptoms or have Covid-19 to please let us know immediately. This should not affect customer services as we are working in the external environment and won't have any direct contact with customers. 

We can provide commercial pressure cleaning services for external house surfaces and paved surfaces using chlorine as a disinfectant, for anybody with greater concerns. 

If any client wishes to move or make alternate arrangements for their services or scheduled works please let us know, and we will try to accommodate any requests. 

We maintain a strong workforce, that will aim to keep things moving through this time, employee a high degree of caution and safety measures to mitigate risk. If there is anything else you would like to discuss please give us a call or email.